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You've met our dogs, now a bit about us.

Just like our dogs - we too are European imports. 

We are two sisters, Jovana (the ring leader) and Dunja (the protégée who's has yet to provide me with a usable picture of herself to put up here). We moved from Europe to Ohio in 2017 and other than an occasional complaint about the cold, we never looked back. 

Our dogs live in our home with us, and according to the people that know us, they live better than most humans. Being that they got a puppy bath before I even got a kitchen in our new house, I guess there's some truth to it. We promise we're not bragging, but we must admit our friends and family are probably right - we are a little dog obsessed.

When we moved here we brought our beloved Igor (Matador di Altobello) with us and for a while, until we settled a bit we were a one dog household. 

Eventually as our company started to see success and grow, we decided to expand our family as well by adding the precious Lily (Ullissa di Altobello) to our family. This is when our dream of sharing our love for Dobermanns with other people started to come to life. 

Being that we own a business we are able to spend pretty much every waking moment with our beloved dogs. They go with us everywhere we go. 

When we are not traveling between Europe (where we show our dogs) and the States, we live a very active lifestyle with our dogs. With that being said, we also love nothing more than a nice relaxing evening in front of the fireplace - a lifestyle our dogs compliment perfectly.

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