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Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Many of you know them from movies as intimidating black dogs with piercing gazes often used to scare the protagonist, but is that really what a Dobermann is like?

Let's break it down with 9 characteristics that truly define a reputably bred Dobermann!

D is for DARING

Dobermanns belong to the working dog group and with that they are expected to have a "ready for anything" type personality. Happy to overcome any obstacle set before them in the hopes of pleasing their handler/owner they are truly great partners on any adventure you choose to go!


Even though Dobermanns are endlessly silly, goofy (yes, you're reading that correctly) and often have a mind of their own, with proper training and regime a Dobermann is nothing if not obedient. A breed that excels at many jobs and sports, their willingness to learn makes their obedience second to none!

B is for BOLD

If their looks are not enough to prove this, their temperament will. Anyone that lives with a Dobermann can tell you that these incredibly intelligent dogs will run your home - if you let them. They are incredibly bold and will not shy away from telling you what they think or voicing their opinion. If you prefer a quiet and subtle dog, you've come to the wrong place! A Dobermann is certainly anything but subtle.

E is for EARNEST

A Dobermann cannot lie. Their faces (and bodies) are so expressive that you'll never have to guess what mood they're in. It is said that eyes are a window to the soul and boy is it true for these dogs. No matter what a doberman is doing, he's doing it earnestly, with his whole heart poured into the task at hand. It is with this earnestness that they will crawl under your skin inch by inch. This is why they will ultimately end up on your couch, your bed and eventually your pillow... I mean... Who can say "no" to those eyes?

R is for Razor-sharp

I cannot express how smart this breed is. Although they are not exactly suitable for a beginner home as they require a strict schedule and constant mental stimulation, with proper training there is nothing that this breed can't and won't do. Just be careful in teaching them things you may regret, as they will use that knowledge and abuse it... such as opening the door to your bedroom and letting themselves onto your bed when you're not at home. I'm speaking from personal experience.


All dogs are beautiful in their own right, but in my humble opinion there is no breed that's quite as majestic as a Dobermann. They are a breed that is destined to turn heads everywhere they go and they are fully aware of their regal looks. An incredibly proud dog, they take real joy in being told how beautiful they are and are not strangers to puffing up their chests like peacocks showing off their colorful tails.


You can always count on your Dobermann! This breed is incredibly empathetic and will easily read the situation and pick up on your mood. If you're sad, they will not leave your side. If you're scared, they will be brave and protect you. If you need a pick me up, they will make you laugh until your stomach hurts. Whatever you need - a Dobermann will be there to provide!

N is for NICE

Even though they are often misrepresented as mean and scary dogs, Dobermanns are actually as nice as they come. Sure... they're not exactly going to hold a flash light for home intruder, but would you really want them to? That being said, when they are with the people they love, they are as nice as they come. Eternally devoted to their family, they are great with children and other animals as long as they are properly socialized.

N is for NEARBY

Once you have a Dobermann you are never going to the bathroom alone. Never again. Ever. With their devotion and endless love for their family comes the most velcro dog personality you'll ever come across. Dobermanns always need to be near their loved ones, so much so that they will quite literally lean on you if you are in one place for longer than 2 seconds. This is why a Dobermann would not be well suited for in a household where they would be alone a lot as this makes them sad and frustrated. They are, for lack of a better word, very needy dogs that need constant love and attention from their family. A Dobermann is best suited for an active household that can afford to invest a lot of quality time with their beloved pet.

There you have it! 9 characteristics that sum up this fun breed. If after reading this you think that a Dobermann is the right breed for you, make sure you do your research and educate yourself further on the characteristics and needs of this wonderful breed. Getting a dog is a big undertaking that requires a lot of sacrifices and plenty of responsibility, getting a working breed dog such as a Dobermann is all that but amplified. Please find a reputable breeder that you can build a relationship with and can help you in picking the right dog for your household. Rescuing is always a great option as well!

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